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We set up this website to help researchers, librarians, research support staff, students, and administrators find guidelines and examples related to reproducibility for their disciplines. In our own research, and in working with others, we’ve found that disciplinary specific examples and recommendations are essential but hard to find. As librarians we want to make this easier.

Please use the menus at the top of the page to navigate to the different parts of the bibliography. A search feature is also included below.

This bibliography shouldn’t be considered comprehensive. We have surely missed many articles and there will always be a time lag before new articles are added. We welcome you to email either of us with comments or suggestions, including  for articles to add to this resource.

We’ve tagged articles into broad disciplinary groups and as either an “example” of research related to reproducibility or as a “guideline” that contains best practices for doing reproducible research. We’ve also used tags for “definitions”, “general articles” and “controversies” (which includes criticisms of framing around reproducibility and issues to do with the politicization of reproducibility). While we have tried to tag articles consistently there will be some mistakes. Furthermore, as many fields are inter-disciplinary we recommend that you look through the guidelines broadly, including the general guidelines, and utilize the search feature below.

We would like to thank our colleagues who have contributed to the creation of this page. Thank you to Ben Wiggins, Shane Nackerud, Andrea Simenstad, and Digital Arts, Sciences, & Humanities (DASH).

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